Fight for Your Right to Buy Minimally Processed Pet Food

Regulators are destroying your freedom of choice by eliminating the option of raw or minimally processed commercial pet food. Your right to purchase and feed raw or minimally processed pet food manufactured by small family and independent companies is being eroded by big business and government.


Without comprehensive sound science, regulators are trying to make raw or minimally processed pet food appear dangerous when decades of science has proven numerous animal health benefits from such foods.

Enforcement of illegal government policies in lieu of following the law has already forced some raw or minimally processed small independent pet food manufacturers to close. If regulators continue to pursue their mission, consumers will only have access to heavily-processed pet food products, many of which utilize condemned rendered meats, biodiesel by-products, and other industry waste products; not food in its intended natural state. Consumers will lose their right to access “complete and balanced,” regulated, safe raw or minimally processed pet food products, many using organic, pasture-raised, humanely handled, whole rich nutritious food ingredients.

If we don’t take action now, the right to feed our pets will be limited to only altered food mostly with chemical “nutrients.” Join Next Gen PFMA and its members in the fight to defend our right to feed real food to our pets. Help us challenge regulatory actions to restrict the sales of raw or minimally processed pet food products.

What is Being Sought Through This Petition

To respectfully request and encourage the judges, Congress, state legislatures and other oversight authorities to protect consumer rights to buy and feed raw or minimally processed pet food, and to prohibit government agencies from arbitrarily creating, without science, and enforcing Zero Tolerance Policies and Rules. To view the first affiliated lawsuit by ANSWERS™ Pet Food of what is hoped will become several actions to defend your right to buy raw or minimally processed food and to get more involved, please visit