The right to choose how and what to feed your pets is at risk

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Association for American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), and participating states are deciding what consumers can and should feed their pets.

This is taking away Americans’ freedom to choose and purchase healthy, safe raw pet food commercial products, which offer proven benefits for the wellbeing of pets.

The Raw Pet Food Industry mobilizes to fight the FDA

ANSWERS™ Pet Food filed a Declaratory Judgment Complaint and is seeking Injunctive Relief against the FDA. This complaint challenges the lawfulness of the FDA’s actions, undertaken with cooperation of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) and participating state government members, in adopting a nationwide, zero tolerance standard for Salmonella presence in pet food, a standard that is non-compliant with federal laws, unsupported by science, and beyond the powers properly delegated to the FDA by Congress. Furthermore, this complaint specifically challenges the FDA’s decision to enforce this zero tolerance standard which is non-compliant with federal laws, noting that enforcement appears to be beyond the FDA’s designated powers.

Exhibiting discriminatory and selective behavior

In the complaint, the alleged extensive FDA regulatory abuse is noted. ANSWERS™ asserts the FDA is unlawfully targeting the raw pet food industry, seeking to eradicate true, raw food from the marketplace through discriminatory and selective behavior. The FDA has been open in their bias against the commercial raw pet food industry, despite the fact that the majority of reported illnesses and deaths occur in connection with the feeding of cooked and heavily processed commercial pet foods. The FDA has chosen to define when a product is adulterated without following federal law and without proper science.  The FDA has government regulators attempting to make raw and minimally processed food appear dangerous, when science has proven that animal health actually benefits from minimally processed pet foods.

Growing consumer demand, the fight for healthy,
safe pet food.

Do not allow pet parents to lose access to raw or minimally processed pet food. Do not let administrative government regulators take away your choice resulting in the offering of  only a limited choice of highly processed pet foods. What is hoped is you will get more involved, learn about the issues, and defend your right to choose the pet food you feel best benefits your pet.  To learn more about ANSWERS™ Pet Food, please visit

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